What activity to be used in studio to get the count of total search item from search box in google page

Hi All,
I am new to UIpath and working on small POC. Below is the requirement which has to be developed and so far i was able to complete some part of it.
Need technical solution in order to move further and complete the POC.

Requirement goes like this:

  1. Search for ‘uipath training’ in google.com and enter - completed
  2. Search for the word - ‘QA-Testing’ using cntrl+f- competed.
  3. Based on the word count it returns, need to verify if link is present in the page for the same word, if so click the same and continue to navigate to next page through pagination link and find the word and so on -
    FYI. I have used Gettext activity to get the count but it did not work. Need help on how to get the count of word and use it in program to click the link w.r.t word.

Can anybody help me with step-3 and guide how to resolve the same.
Thanks in advance !!