Page number details based on keyword Search

Need suggestion how to create a workflow for get page numbers of wherever the search keyword found.

HI @Sathish_Kumar_V

Can you share Sample input?


@Sathish_Kumar_V ,
Hi , could you please elaborate your requirement?
Pages means from what type of file? PDF/ word/ excel etc?

Hi @Sathish_Kumar_V

You can try with Element Exist or Text Exist activities to find the key word and Get text activity to get the Page Number.

Check out the official docs for info


In PDF ,we need page numbers


Please find the below workflow file
get ppt page (2.7 KB)

Thanks ,but Getting missing or invalid activity .

Studio 2022.4.5 - 9/9/2022

@Sathish_Kumar_V ,

Please find the SC Below