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Can someone suggest me a website where i can check if the button is disabled or not using Wait Attribute Activity and also i can see the changes in Attribute(aastate) in Selectors.

I can find many websites with buttons initially enabled, but unable to find one where the button is initially disabled and enabled after performing some action by user.

Thanks in advance


Hello @Venkat07,
if you have special requirements you can try it easily by yourself without spending time to searching a web site. Call the W3Schools web site “Try it Yourself” and change the HTML code. Here an example for your requirement:

<!DOCTYPE html>
      function myFunction() {
        document.getElementById("btnDisabled").disabled = false;
        document.getElementById("btnEnabled").disabled = true;


    <button id="btnEnabled" type="button">I am enabled!</button>

    <br /><br />

    <button id="btnDisabled" type="button" disabled>I am disabled!</button>

    <br /><br /><br /><br />

    <button onclick="setTimeout(myFunction, 3000)">
      Use me to switch the availability of the buttons after three seconds


This HTML code offers three buttons, one is enabled, second is disabled and if you press the third the availability of the butten switches - one is disabled and second is enabled. Copy the source into the online editor, press the Run button and the button to switch the availability.

Let us know your results whether it worked with UiPath.



Thanks @StefanSchnell for quick response. Its very much helpful.

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