Checking the status of ui element

How can i check the status of Ui element in a sequence it that click button is enabled or disabled. And if it is disabled i have to skip that process and carry on with remaining activities.


Hi @Mini_01

  1. Use the UiPath Studio’s UI Explorer or the “Indicate on Screen” feature to select and identify the button or element you want to check.
  2. Use the “Get Attribute” activity to retrieve the property that indicates whether the button is enabled or disabled.
  3. Add a “Flow Decision” activity after the “Get Attribute” activity to evaluate the status of the element.
  4. In the Flow Decision activity, create a condition that checks the value of the attribute you obtained

For example, if you are using the “enabled” attribute, the condition could be
elementEnabled = True.

  1. Depending on the condition’s result, you can branch your workflow into two paths: one for when the button is enabled and another for when it’s disabled.
  2. In the branch where the button is enabled, you can proceed with the activities you want to perform when the button is enabled
  3. In the branch where the button is disabled, you can add activities to log a message or perform any other actions that are necessary when the button is disabled.

Hi @Mini_01 ,
Use Get attribute activity.

Please let us know the application type (Desktop, Web, Java Forms…)

How can i add the attribute activity here means after which activity i can add the get attribute activity…Excatly i think the click button is disabled the process is not running i have to check the status and skip that activity so that process can move on

Should I put the Get Attribute after click button activity?


Use get attribute activity - output will be string value - use if condition (if strvar.contains enabled) then continue your process - else - add a log msg