Webservice doesn't work, but only when using UiPath

I have a couple of basic webservices that I am using that i’m hoping to automate, but I am having issues with one of them. My ask is for advice on what I might be able to do different to get them working. Below is detailed information about what I’m trying to do and what I’ve done already

Currently there are 3 service calls in total and I’m having issues with one of them.

  1. Login and retrieve a token key - works correctly with UiPath
  2. Retrieve information about a job - doesn’t work with UiPath
  3. Submit Job Information - works correctly with UiPath

The Webservice API is for a product called JAMS and their documentation link is: JAMS REST API Web Service

The web service links for each step listed above:

  1. POST Authentication_Login
  2. GET Submit_GetSubmitByName
  3. POST Submit_PostSubmit

My issue is that for #2 (Get Submit By Name) I cannot get it to work with UiPath. I have the webservice working correctly with Postman, but cannot get it to work with UiPath.

POSTMAN screenshots:
Parameter: image


UiPath screenshots:

Failure: image

Both Postman and UiPath are being used on the same machine using the same JAMS login, so I can rule out network or permission issues. It appears that my request is being rejected by the JAMS server, but as you can see I’m doing the same request in Postman that I’m using in UiPath.

Does anyone have any recommendation on things I can try?

Looks like you’re pasting the auth token in as a header parameter. Shouldn’t that be retrieved in a variable first and passed to the authentication attachment?

You are correct. That is what I would do normally once the code is ready for production. For the purposes of just trying to get the webservice to work I decided to manually enter the authorization token. This does not cause issues when testing as long as my token authorization is less than 1 hour old.

Finally tracked down the issue after several hours and with a little help from UiPath Support. Part of the URL for GET commands is case sensitive, but isn’t case sensitive for POST commands. Since I only have one GET and two POST commands I didn’t realize this.

For example:
https://jams.{insert company}.com/JAMS/api - works for POST commands, but not GET commands
https://jams.{insert company}.com/jams/api - works for both POST and GET commands.

Marking this as the solution in case anyone ever encounters this again.


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Very interesting! Great catch - thank you for the update. I hope no one else has to go through trying to trouble hoot this one.

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