HTTP request works in postman fails in UiPath


My requirement: Get data from REST API.

My steps:

  1. I POST authorisation call to get session authorisation token (Works in postman and UiPath)
  2. I make a GET call with session token added in header. It works in Postman, but I get status 401 in UiPath.

Postman (Successful)

UiPath Activity (ERROR)

Hi @KanadMehta,

Please refer below Link,

Let me known,


Hi Neelima,

Here I have access token, API somehow does not seem to find it in call.

Hello! Have you solved it? It was fine for me past few weeks but I am not facing similar issues except that I first encountered 401 error and now 403.

I was missing https in URL. It solved my issue.

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@Ching_Hui_Ng glad, this solved your issue too.

Hi, unfortunately, https didnt work for me

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