Webinar - No Registration Information Emailed

Sorry but couldn’t find a good place to ask.

I’ve registered like 4 or 5 times with two email addresses and two different browsers but still not getting a reply with information needed to join this webinar. Checked spam filters, turned off blockers, etc. uipath.com whitelisted so not that.

Webinar: Best Practices of World-Class RPA Teams

Would really like to attend if a UiPath person (@ovi you there?) could take a look or if anyone else has a registration hint.



Hi @tmays

Have you managed to register? Was it maybe a delayed response that arrived eventually?
If not, I’ll try to see what can be done here :slight_smile:

Thanks @loginerror but no luck. I tried last week and this with both IE and Chrome using company mail and personal Gmail and nothing came in at all. Very weird.

As a test I requested an on-demand webinar and it came through immediately.

Don’t worry about doing anything special. My day filled up so will wait until it’s posted.

Thanks again.


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Thanks for the update. Something must be malfunctioning then because an email arrived for me almost right away.