Not receiving Webinar Links Email

Hi I am trying to download recordings of Webinars on certain topics. Usually i get an email after registering for webinar recordings download. Since this weekend(26/9) I am not receiving any emails for the webinar recordings. If anyone else is facingthis? Please help.

Hi @slganapat

Have you tried contacting our support at this form?

Thanks for your suggestion.
I signed up . But after logging in i get an error message , you dont have access to view this portal.Swarna

Strange! Well, it is the same link you would see here on the Community Events page:

Maybe this way will work?

Still no Luck. Getting the same error even through the above link. Attached a screenshot. Pls have a look. thanks

Hello @siganapat , our community meetup events do not have recordings that are emailed out. Are you thinking about our main events page at ? If there are recordings, they are on individual event pages at . What chapter are you a part of? I could try and help you find what recording you are looking for. Thanks!