Webhooks - Job specific or Queue specific triggers

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I am trying to create a Webhook item which sends/notifies the payload to the external api on successful completion of each queue item. But right now orchestrator allows to create it with a generalized approach - webhook that responds to successful run of all items in all the queues and it cant be made queue specific.

I wanted to know whether it can be made to subscribe only required queue elements or else this can definitely be action item for UiPath team to have this covered in future releases.

Madhukar Chatra

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Hi @mganeshchatra3

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How about the HTTP Request activity (part of the UiPath.Web package)? You could then send your request from within the process rather than from Orchestrator.
This is not the HTTP Orchestrator Request activity that is part of the default package set :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror

I am already using this.

This may be something that Ui-Path can keep in its roadmap since it makes more sense to have queue or job specific subscriptions.

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