Webhooks - internal url

So far, I have only seen webhoooks as a way to notify orchestrator events like completion of job and send data to external applications.
Is there any functionality like this that allows sending events about orchestrator job completion inside UiPath I.e. not to an external application, but to ,say, a queue within orchestrator?

In hope that I understood your requirement correctly.

At this moment you have these possibilities:

  • Using email alerts

  • Using Webhooks at the tenant level

Hi Marian,

Thanks for the possibilities.

The use case I was thinking of was where there is not necessarily an external application listening for the event of completion. The events could be used to add the event payload to a queue in order to trigger another process where the triggered process needs to know data inside the completed job in order to run.

The second possibility in your screenshot seems like you can use a UiPath url in the URL field in the Webhook. Would you happen to know where in the UiPath documentation are all the possible UiPath internal urls hat can be used (e.g. like the one in your screenshot “https://orchestrator.mobile.push.uipath.com…”)