Webhook give multiple events


I have two webhooks to an external application. One for queueItem.transactionFailed and one for queueItem.transactionCompleted. The problem I have is that the webhook gives multiple event alerts per queueitem. I have the queue linked, so I know that that is one of the reasons. But I get 4 events. Two which have one organization Id and two with a different organization Id. If I remove the link the amount is reduces to only two events with only a slightly different timestamp and a different EventId.
We already recreated the webhooks, but no luck.
Does this sound familiar, because to me it looks like a bug.

The only difference in the response is the top part with EventId & Timestamp

"Type": "queueItem.transactionFailed",
"EventId": "223541903",
"Timestamp": "2023-06-12T12:40:09.1054907Z",

"Type": "queueItem.transactionFailed",
"EventId": "223541902",
"Timestamp": "2023-06-12T12:40:09.1043718Z",

hei @Barend,
We will sharpen this in our documentation but the current behavior is that events are replicated per folder when resources such as queues are shared across folders hence the observed behaviour is expected.
We do consider making here some optimizations down the road, deduplication might be one of them.
Kind Regards, Alex.

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