Webhook for Process created does not send output information

I need my application to be notified by the orchestrator webhook whenever a new process is created. I configured the webhook for this and tested that it is able to connect to my application. But the informatoin about the created process in the request body of the webhook call does not contain information about the outputs of the process.
here is a sample body of the webhook call where i created a process that has one input ‘ProductName’ and one output ‘Price’.

  "Type": "process.created",
  "EventId": "6839390",
  "Timestamp": "2020-03-06T13:18:25.897",
  "Releases": [
      "Id": 310405,
      "Key": "9810976b-3bd2-4362-a256-9005a4344139",
      "ProcessKey": "FetchProductPrice",
      "ProcessVersion": "1.0.5",
      "Name": "FetchProductPrice_LocalVm",
      "Description": "",
      "IsLatestVersion": false,
      "InputArguments": {
        "ProductName": "test"
  "TenantId": *****,
  "OrganizationUnitId": *****,
  "UserId": *****

Note that this request body has information about the input but not about the output


What version of Orchestator are you using? I would suspect because the Output would never have a value when creating a process, that would come from the Job.

If it is something that would be useful to you, I’d go point it over in the User Voice, or if you’d like to update your OP above with your use case, etc. I can move the topic over for you.

Hi, thanks for your response. here is my use case.
I want to capture the information about UIpath processes in my application, so that the people using my application are aware of its inputs and the outputs they should expect when this process is run. Based on this information, end users of my application can choose what process they should execute.