Web Service generator

I will like to request for activities that generates web services when a data source is connected such as get, post, put, delete etc,


What I understand here is you want import a web service into UiPath ?

If that is the case, then the answer is yes.

Just create a Library template in the UiPath Studio and you will get an option to import a Service through a link or metadata document, which will create service functions as activities for you.


Not exactly @Nithinkrishna ,
I wanted to request for an activity that generates web service when a given data source is configured. e.g. from the db source it could be Create, read, update or delete and UiPath will generate the corresponding post, get, put or delete web service services(json, XML) out of it.


Can you please detail your usecase? You want uipath to act as a web service and wait for get/post requests?