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how to make uipath workflow available as web service? Is it possible in uipath?

May I know whether you have the solution? If yes , could you share with me

i havent get the solution yet

There is a SOAP request activity available.


Please use this activity, enter your WSDL and click on Get button.
It will get all Names, Type, based on your xml format.

Hope my inputs are useful.

thank, that one is trigger external webservice, however, my requirement need to be triggered.

Change your xml and give a Try

for my understanding, like BluePism , they can expose the robot as websservice, do you know whether it is doable in UiPath?

Yes, it is doable. please explore on UiPath.
@aksh1yadav any thoughts.

@aksh1yadav, let say I have a robot will sum of ValueA and ValueB. Both valueA and ValueB are arguments and passed by external. how can I expose this robot as a web service so that I can trigger my bot and get the result.

any example? I have checked the Robot as Web service API that website. however, it didn’t provide any example in there.e.g. how to trigger my robot and how to pass the argument.

hello do you have any example which can share with me. I really need some help on this…

not handy now… @ovi Could you please help on SOAP request and response sample if possible.

@ovi,@aksh1yadav, May I know whether you have any suggestion of this?

I can see BluePrism can convert robot as service, however, i don’t see that in UiPath. many people refer to use Read me, however it is not supported anymore. also the Orchestrator , how to achieve that goal?

Robot as service ? how to do it in UiPath. Or it is not possible in UiPath.

One way is to start your process as a job by using Orchestrator Api on target machine(s) from external application.

Please refer these


And I think Arguments part is under consideration

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