Web Sequence stalls after "Go Back"

I am new to UiPath (but not RPA), so hopefully I am missing something easy here. I am using Sutdio’s debug to test.

I have a website with a drop-down as part of its search form. I am set up to loop through all the options with a “For Each” (this part works) and click Search (this also works). Once I reach the results page and go back to try the next search, I have a problem. After using a “Go Back” and returning to the beginning of my loop, execution times out as soon as I attempt to access the index variable.
Ex: Current.Get(“innertext”).ToString()
This happens regardless of what Activity it is first referenced in, that first step stalls until the entire execution times out. I know the set up works or I would not be able to do the first search, what is special about the second iteration?

*Note: the first element in the drop down is empty, so inside the loop is an “If” that only continues for non-empty options. The first search that works is the second item in the drop down, it is the second search for the third item that fails.

Does anyone have any suggestions?