Switch Cases - for default to go back to for each row loop for next data

Hello all,

I’m working on a for each row loop with Excel dt, with a switch activity in a sequence.

The activity flow is as below:
For each row > assign variables and check elementExists > If condition (elementExists) > start Sequence of Type Into text box (with value from Excel dt), Get Text from the webpage table, and check the string value with switch cases

There are 3 Switch cases:

Default: ignore and go back to the each row loop to process the next row,
Condition 1&2: invoke function

My concern are:

  1. On the Default case, how can the bot go back to the initial For Each row loop? is this possible?
  2. For Case 1 & 2, in the Invoke activity, the bot should do certain activity and wait for a certain time, and go back into the start of Sequence (type into text box - with the same current excel data). Is there a way to direct the bot to go back to the sequence with the same hold value?

really appreciate if someone can help, thanks.


How about the following image?


hey yoichi, have tried that and that worked! thx a lot!

do you have any idea on no 2? is it possible to direct the bot to go back to ElementExists? i visual it using ur pic below:


The simplest way is to put if activity just after switch activity and check shouldContinue variable in it. : Put some activities in then block of If activity.


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