UiPath continues only after MouseClick

I made a Flowchart to

  1. Open an Excel file
  2. Pull a column with Partnumbers
  3. Open an URL
  4. Paste PN after PN
  5. Scraps for every PN the stock infos from tables

Inbetween the For Each Loop I put always first an empty PN to rest the table view which sometime from website side does not disappear.

At one time in my Flowchart the continuing stops and it takes long time until it proceeds but does it right away if i click with the mouse just in the UiPath main window.

Does anybody know why this happens.


Welcome to uipath community
May I know at which stage it is getting stuck for a while
Probably after which activity

We can check that by running this process in debug mode
Cheers @amarokWPcom

I think it is around the scrapping of the tables. Thats why i tried a mouse click done by the bot at the end;)

Hi @amarokWPcom - If you are using any Click Activity then make the element WaitForReady to None.

Thanks for all your answers.
It look like UiPath is wasting a lot of time after the Data Scrapping, when he had wrote the data already in the .csv file.
I don’t know why it takes so long respectivly a single mouse click in the UiPath main wiondow to go bach to the start of the “For…Each” Loop (green arrow)


I found it.

It stuck to long in the “Wait Element Vanish” Action. After I changed “Wait Not Active” to “Wait not visible” it is running. I just have to adjust some delay times.