Web Scrapping returning empty Data table

I’m using Data Scrapping to scrap a product Information (i.e Product Name, Url, Price, Model) from a shopping website. When I search for a product, I want whatever item comes first it scrapes that item’s data and for that purpose I have set maximum number of results to 1. But the problem is sometimes it is returning empty Data table And I cannot figure out why. Can Someone please help me out with this. I Really appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

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I hope this could be the issue
Kindly mention as 5 atleast and try once so that we could confirm atleast the data scrapping works fine

And after that we can get the first record alone with a simple assign activity like this
Yourdatatable = Yourdatatable.Asenumerable.Take(1).CopyToDatatable()

Cheers @Maryum

I have set max no. of results to 5 and checked again. But same problem, sometimes it returns the data and sometimes it returns empty data table.
What I think is, if the current search result matches those elements that I selected in data scrapping wizard, it returns the data table and if it doesn’t match it returns empty Data table.
For Example, While selecting elements in Data scrapping wizard the search results were Samsung monitors. And when I ran the project I searched for Dell monitors, it returned Data table but when I searched for Samsung series or Dell Series it returned empty Data table.