Web Scraping Problem-Show More Results stops prematurely

HI! I am trying to scrape a website.


The “Show More Results” button simply loads more results to the same webpage.

  1. I search for the item. 48 results are return.
  2. Click Show More Results. Another 48 results are added on , so now there are 96 results on the same page.
  3. Click Show More Results button another time, and another 48 is appended (48+48+48, etc) .

In my automation I only get the first Show More Results to work properly so I got 96 rows instead of 228.

How do I get UiPath to click all instances of Show More Results, before scraping the data?


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use a while loop with element exists and then a if condition with click on show more results…in condition of while give output of element exists…so that the loop runs till show more results button is visible…

after that perform the extraction

hope this helps


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hi @rotifer,

i have created workflow for you .
product data.xlsx (17.3 KB)
product extract.xaml (16.5 KB)


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Thank you for the pointers!

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HI Sainath Thank you so much for the workflow! It gives me a better understanding of how to translate the high level intentions of the process into the technical aspects.

newbie here!

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