Web Scraping: How to scrap content of the link without open the or select the link?


I need some help. I want to scrap a web such as inside Wikipedia which some of the words inside it have a link that connected to other pages. So, I’m using data scraping to scrap the content and data inside that one page but also the robot need to scrap the content inside the link that connected to other pages without the need to open the link. All the data and content that have been scrapped will be extracted into excel files. Can please anyone help?


Its not possible to read the data without opening that link.

Hi @lakshman,

Thanks for your fast reply. So, I need to open the link first to scrap the content inside it?


Yes, open the link and then scrape it. If it is structured data like table format then use Data Scraping to scrape the data.


Actually, I want to scrap all the text (in the red box) and extract it inside a data table. I have succeeded in doing so by using data scarping. However, I also want to scrap all the content inside each of the link (under the date) and extract it inside the same data table. Is it possible? Do I need to open each of all the lin to scrap it? If so, how can I loop it until the robot scrap all the content?