How to scrape all the links within other links?

Problem statement- Want to scrap all the links from a webpage and then one by one go to those links to further collect all the present link within each link.
Note: Number of links within each link varies.

What I did so far- I used Data scrapping to extract all the links of a certain page, now by throwing each link onto the browser I am trying to collect the links present within those pages (links). It perfectly collects all the available links from website and stores it into a excel. Now when I go to those link to extract the links provided within them, the data scrapping methods does it perfectly for the first link but after launching to second link it fails to scrap the present links within the second link.
Please help… thanks in advance.

Hi I have a similar problem statement to work out. Can you let me know how you managed to do it then? That will be helpful !!