Is possible to use DataScarping a page without opening the page every time?

What i mean is for example if i am looking for some people in linkedin, i have the main information in the first page, but i want some detailled information into the profil so is it possible to take those information without opening the profil ? or the robot will open the profil every time ??

1st Page :

Into the profil :

@Soudios… No not like that data scraping not open any profile until u open it manually… It’s just scrap for example name , address, place , like etc. U need to open very frst link of the page scrap the details u want… It scrap all of the profile’s data not open any profile don’t worry…

yes but i need it to open the profil because some information are in the first page and more information are in the second page.
In my example : there is not the country in the 1st line but there is in the second page (see what i mean ?)

Fine @Soudios… Then scrap with second page…

i can combine 2 scrap in 1 excel file ? and select which information i want to put in which column ?

@Soudios… U can loop through every link and scrap it… Or use two different scraping in 2 separate Excel files then store as data table then join that 2 tables as single table

How can i loop through every link and scrap it (Think is the best way) plz ?

@Soudios… What’s ur expected output?

Name / experience and Name of the company

Use normal data scraping mechanism… For u above mentioned… I’m not sure if u need anything additionally in second page ,Give the path of same Excel file which is used to scrape frst page

yes i need the information in the second page because sometimes the information is not in the first page

Try like above I mentioned … I think it’ll helps u… However let me know what happen…

I don’t know how to do with the loop way plz
The other way i need to open every page and scrap it

No need to loop… Just do like @sowndaryacse1505
Mentioned in another post…