Web scraping from list

This is the website I would like to extract data from:

Once you click on “Official Leaders” on the left then there are some options from the list. I need to extract the data from each option in the list.
Could you help me? Thank you.

I’m not quite sure what It is that you wish to do.

Do you wish to extract this list:

Or do you just need to click on one of the items in that list?

Or something else?

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You can try with datatscrapping to scrape the list option and store in datatable


Another way is use selector concept

Most list option text will found in inner text attribute

So using get attribute activity we can get the innertext attribute for this list and using the string manipulation action we can able to get the list of all option

Hope the idea helps you


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Hello Benny. Each item on this list if you click on it, it has its own data. I want to have a loop which click on each item in the list and extract the data for each option and then save each extraction in a excel file.

use get attribute activity to pull the data from drop down list after that run for each using get attribute data ,use select activity and use data scraping to scrap data

1.Use DataScraping → ExtractDatatable
2. Loop On ExtractDataTable with For each row - >row
2.1. use click pass below selector

2.2. Process selected row as per your requirement
2.3. go back from browser activity.

it will keep looping till all end row of ExtractTable

Hello @Aleem_Khan
Could you please show me an example workflow? Thank you

Hello @mitesh_parmar
Could you please create a workflow to check if it works. Thank you


NBA_test.xaml (16.2 KB)

Please Check Workflow. its will help to add your login and idea to play with Extract Data table Activity.

Thank you @mitesh_parmar

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