Web scraping entire page

I need help with web scraping.

My goal is to scrape an entire page and save it to a txt file. Not just the page on the screen but the entire page. I have done some test and the Get Text activities (including the OCR) only scrape a part of a page and not the entire content.


How’s about Get Full Text activity?

No matters were I click I get “FULLTEXT method failed to scrape this UI Element”.

Ok, it seems to not work with Chrome but it works with Edge. Unfortunately my VM doesn’t have Edge. Is this a bug or?

I tested & it works fine on both IE & Chrome.
Please be sure that when indicate the screen, you select whole screen of the webpage (the address bar will not be grey)- not whole screen (the address bar also be grey)

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Ok, I tried and you are correct. Because I have a dynamic web address what’s the selector code to use? Is the one below correct?

> <wnd app='iexplore.exe' />
<webctrl tag='BODY' />

The selector doesn’t use web address, it uses web title, object id…
Please show your code structure - i want to know that you’re using Get Full Text inside an Attach Browser, or using only Get Full Text

The Get Full TExt is inside an Attach Browser activity.

In that’s case, the selector of get full text should be “” (if the BODY has your all text)
You also should check the selector of Attach Browser - Can it work in case web address changed?

With the BODY tag in the selector it appears to be working now…

It sounds good. Please select my answer as solution if it helped you.

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