Web Scraping alternatives

Hi, i want extract info from a travels web page but I don’t know if there is any other way to do it other than following the sequence: open browser-> ui selector-> type Into … etc.

How else could it be done if I don’t have the url of the request to the website server? and later make a web scrapping



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If you don’t specify URL of that web application then how BOT will know from which application it has to scrape the data.

Open Google and search Travels and it will show list of travel agents and scrape it and then proceed with one by one.


Hey @Jreco

Do agree with @lakshman’s point. You have to give a url for the bot. If the url is different from time to time, then you need to find a way to store all the needed URLs in a file or in a orchestrator queue zoom that bot will iterate through them one by one and get the data scraped. So the set of activities and the sequence you mentioned that is the way to go…

If you are looping through a set of URLs

Open browser
For each url
    Attach browser
    Navigate to url
    Scrape the data
End of for each

@Lahiru.Fernando, @lakshman.
Thanks for answering.

I did not express my idea correctly.

It will be that there is some activity or tool that allows me to obtain the url of a post request that makes a page through an event js.

I tried to check the site’s js code to find the event using the corresponding ID, but it is a bit tedious because it has several extensions.

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