How do I navigate robot to particular web page on a website to start doing scraping?



Hello all,
I am new to the data scraping in uipath. I have a website to do scraping. It has multiple pages up to 20. I want to start the data scraping from say page 3.
I want robot to go to that particular page and then start scraping. Can anyone know how this can be done? How can I store the page number in a variable so I can compare and tell robot to keep clicking on next page unless it reaches to that particular page?
I could find the page no in the selector, idx=‘1’ but not known how to store it and use it further.

Your help is indeed appreciated.



hi, @Komal_Joshi

  1. use “open browser” activity to open browser.
    2.use “click” activities or “Navigate to” activity to reach page if it is exactly to go page no 20.
  2. or for first time use text scrap(page number) and store it in a variable and set condition to 20.(use counters or-else).

NOTE: use navigate to activity and paste exact URL.(efficient one)



Hi Thank you for your reply.
I have same url for 20 pages. So can not put exact one. After I navigate to url, I need to traverse up to page 3. Currently when I use Get screenshot I get a string op “Page 1 of 20” and I am splitting this string to get exact page number “1” and comparing it with the desired one. Is there any other concrete way to do this?



in navigate to activity put the link of the 3rd page and start. Or else use click activity to click on the page 3. Use scroll down or page down if needed



use pattern matching for “page 1 of 20” and extract 1 and store it in a variable and loop it.12



OK. Thank you @Venkatesh_Chowdary and @amithvs :slight_smile: It helped!