How to store scraped data into database

How to store data into database which is scraped by Data scraping.

I am assuming you mean use SQL to write into DB?

If Yes - You have to define the variables you want to pull from each cell and then pass them in a parameters into the SQL

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@TimK Yes I want to use sql to write into DB. But I want pull data from scraped data table it means it is not stored any cell.

How do you currently store all the data you pull from scraped data table?

You would use the Execute Non Query SQL

Example below if you are entering into all columns:
INSERT INTO TABLE VALUES (@Variable1, @Variable2, @Variable3, …);

Example below if you are entering into some columns:

INSERT INTO TABLE (column1, column3, …) VALUES (@Variable1, @Variable3, …);

The @Variables are passed in as parameters - with the argument name being @Variable1 and Value being Variable

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Whenever you do data scrapping the output is datatable.
then use Insert activity to insert data into a table from scrapped datatable

Insert Activity Input:
table= the target database table
Datatable= the scarped datatable which you want to insert

while doing connection to db I got following error. please help me for doing connection. I am new to UiPath.

you can scrap data and write in a excel . And import the excel into data base. Just an idea.

@ww546270014 There is problem when storing data into excel. It will genrate blank excel. because of that I cant able to import it into database.

May be there was a problem in data scrapping, try to scrape again.
Check whether the problem is in excel or datatable by printing the datatable values before placing into excel.