Web page scrolling down when calculation is running and i need to scroll up and take screenshot?



Hi Team


when i execute the calculation process my web page automatically scroll down but i need to scroll up and then i need to take a full-screen screenshot too.

Please find the error screenshot too !!


Hi @arivu96 @Dominic @shankm @ovi

i tried the send hot key control in that i set the pageup so now i can able to capture the image.
This full screen i need to take a screenshot

but i cannot able to find i whole screen to capture i take screenshot control!!

i can able to capture like this only see below images !!

try to find out what mistake i have done ?



click on the title bar of the browser, don’t care about the selection preview.
Modify its selector (it must contain the app name) ,try to remove all other unwanted things.
i think it’s already implemented on the importprocess.xaml which i have modified.


Hi @shankm

Yes, i found out in that control

I used it,now it is working fine as per my expectation.[Screenshot]

Thanks @shankm


Hi @shankm

For sending a mail i need to default message so for that i have used read text file control i typed the few lines of messages in notepad.

i wan to get as like this see below:

But i am getting as :
all line in same line itself "Hi Team,For the current month we are calculating the calculation plans.Please find the attachment of screenshot for current Period.*** This is an automatically generated email, please do not reply *** "
Like this
why ?

what i need to do?



Are you using any mail activities to send mails??


If you are using send mail activities, there is an option called “isBodyHtml” in the properties pane. Tick it, and format your page using html tags and save it in notepad.


Hi @shankm

ya, ok i have done. now it’s working fine.



hi @shankm

need help from pdf to excel changing ?

from pdf file to excel converted done but the in excel file falling on data in one column itself (Like Column A)

can you Please help me out to overcome this issues ?

sample xaml file:
Main.xaml (13.8 KB)

my PDF File :
1090444_COMS_Commission Statement[1].PDF (148.3 KB)

my excel file[output file] in wrong format but data comes from pdf file it’s correct.
Untitled.xlsx (10.6 KB)



Hi @shankm

Are you there ?
we can able to solve these issues ?


hi @shankm

when I execute the file I am getting an error ? why ?

error message : execution start process failed. unauthorized Access Attempted : Access is denied
y what is the reason ?


That may be because of the user access level. Is your windows user have the administrator privileges?


Hi @shankm

Yes we have the administration previleges

Then why it’s showing an error message?


can you open it manually ?
is there any UAC pop showing that time?


hi @shankm

see the error screen shot ?

see details error :

how to solve this issues in this program ?