Web Index in Get Text


how can I pin point the exact get text position based on where the index fall on?


Sometime the element I am trying to capture can fall either on idx= 4 or 6?


Index often isn’t the best element of a selector to use as it can change, as you noted. There are often better options to choose from. Is it possible to get a screen shot of your selector here to review?

Yes - Screen shot attached


in this example:
this user has additional elements Work Phone | Fax | Cell Phone |
so in my output file the Email comes in as the Fax, however what I really am looking for is the email

Chances are there are a few things you could do to stabilize your selectors. First, you may want to consider using anchors for each field, and anchor each input field to each heading. Second, if you Use the get text activity to select the item on screen, and then use the UI Explorer, you can likely find options there that would work better than the idx. If you take a screenshot of the UI Explorer windows, with the properties, we could more easily see what precisely could be used.

Screen shot of UIExplorer

Check the parentid or parentclass or both. See which combination give you the correct result.

that depends on how the class is structured in the web, If there is still idx showing up, you can also try putting idx='*', this wildcard will take care of the changing value observed by you for this idx element.

I tried bot parentid & parentclass and they did not bring in the value I was looking for. I ultimately updated the configuration to the anchor suggestion. I used activity Anchor Base | Find Image = “Email” | Get text

Although I am not sure how reliable the “Find Image” activity is

Thank you for your Help

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