Get text (activity) that result in Web Index dynamic results


I am trying to pull different data elements using the company`s phone book dictionary. I am using the get text activity, so far I am able to search for an employee id, once search is complete I am using get text to obtain the following

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. address

the problem is in some cases some employees have a fax, or cell phone listed throwing off the Webctrl idx=3 that I currently have. So instead of obtaining the email it obtains a fax number since it falls in index 3

In most cases the email parameter falls on index 3, but I would like to still capture it if that is not the case.



you can either use the anchor base approach. That will ensure the title is searched and then the corresponding data is fetched.

Regarding the selector, open the UI explorer and check if you can add the Title also in the selector, such as Fax, Email, etc.

Generally there will be the combination of selector without IDX that will get you the right data,

Preferably avoid having idx in selector. There can be other stable parameters