Web export to excel , save

Copy web information and posted to excel, but failed to save, I think this may be caused by format, I do not know how to fix it. Any idea, folks?

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Would you describe more detail like it caused an error or you don’t know how to save it? or while robot running, an excel error occur? Would you like to provide a screen shot for us?

You can use save hot key activity to save it.


Use Save workbook Activity or check auto Save is checked in the Property Panel.
As you mention the format culd you share the format.

Suresh J

I think the issue might be the button “to excel” in web page, an error 0x800ac472. I want to save each data in separate cells.

I think the format related to the button “to excel” in web page.thanks.

Is that “to excel” button in the website?

Is it then prompting you to save the export somewhere on your computer?

Or, are you trying to screen scrape all the information, then put it in excel?

Yes. “To excel” in the website
I tried to copy all the information to excel by hotkey, Ctrl+a, Ctrl+c

If save Excel activity doesn’t work, you can try using send hotkey.

I remember that it is alt+h, s, a, and type the excel file name and press enter and let see what happen.

Or you can share the link of the website and we may try it for you.


did you used the correct datatable for your save workbook activity? or can you show us what did you include in your save workbook activity?