I can't change the excel format

good afternoon
I would like to change the excel format to , but when I use the


Some might argue there is a better ways to doing this but its the best one I’ve found after having issues as well…

Try the below…

When in Excel
Hotkey Activity - ALT + FE
Hotkey Activity - C
Hotkey Activity - X - This is convert type
Hotkey Activity - A
Optional - Type Activity - Name of file to be saved
Click Activity - Save

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I did not understand, very well what I explain
to save use a keyboard shortcut which is f12 and from that point I use type into to locate the destination where it will be saved and clicks to select the type of format and save, but when I try to change the type of format it does not save it in txt but in xlsx, I also used select item but nothing happens, it doesn’t fix my problem

@borismh Use the Hotkey Activity in Studio to send keystrokes to the Window of Excel… See the screenshot

In the Hotkey Activity “Hotkey - Workbook Select” set the key to X. This will convert to .TXT