Web dynpro element id in Uipath

How do we identify Web dynpro elements using web recording in UiPath.

The element id defined in SAP are different from what we find through browser.

I am trying to enter data to all the fields in Web application created in Web Dynpro and the elements id (“WDXXX”) in browser are different from what is defined in SAP (ID_XXXX). So the issue is if any changes to elements id in SAP would change the element id in Web dynpro and this will cause an error in future.

Any suggestion on how to tackle this.


SAP WinGUI is a fat-client application
SAP WebGUI is a web-browser solution.

They may look the same in some case, but technically, they have nothing in common.

Automation done in SAP WinGUI will work only in SAP WinGUI
Automation done in SAP WebGUI will work only in SAP WebGUI

there is no mapping between them

Best regards, Lev

Thank You, Lev for your response.