Hello everyone,
I’m trying to automate a web app.
For instance, I am trying to add new customer information.
I want to check, if the status is = “exist” then close the app.
Else, add the information.
However, it does not work. the app is not closed and a message is displayed “cannot find the add name activity” when the customer exists already
How should I proceed?

Hi @Youssef,

Couple of areas to check:

  • Sometimes the values we are checking on a condition could be case sensitive, so add ToUpper on both sides like: Status.ToUpper = “EXIST”

  • Check if the condition is satisfied; Does it go the ELSE part instead of the IF side. If that is the case the status check is not working very well. Print some values to know which path it takes.


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Here is a screen print.
It does not work.

Hi @Youssef

You cannot use False as your condition because then the IF statement will always end up in the Else.

You should instead use a variable that returns either True or False. In your case, it would be the variable you placed as the output of your Tiers Existant? activity :slight_smile: