Web Automate

I have some name stored in Add in collection activity. for ex : abc, xyz, yui

On portal i have
SrNo. Name Checkbox
1 Poi
2 Abc
3 Ujk
4 abc
5 xyz
6 yui
I want to tick on checkbox for the data in my add in collection.

So i have used get attribute for no. and Name and exist in collection activity.
But how can i use if conditions or any way to tick checkbox.


Check if it has a tablerow or a idx property which would be equal across each row and use that for going trough…

You can as well try using for each ui element and then get the details and check accordingly



it shoild be an anchored click, the let part will look for the attribute you need, it means that you need to create a dynamic selector, most likely the innerText propertie will work, and in the right part just click the checkbox

also you can to the same with modern activitites, just need to edit the selectors and thats it


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