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Hi I am having some list of values from the datatable and now iam getting each row item value through the assign activity into a variable . Now i need to check the checkbox in the form if the value matched to the row item of my table . Need to continue the loop until all the existing row item values are checked in the Form . Please suggest me any idea for it … Thanks

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You can use click activity to click on check box for each item

@deepak_raj Use Click Activity and Check the CheckBox, if it’s possible to Check then you can use For Each to Check for each item present and then Check the Checkbox for that item

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if possible can i have a screenshot of that field if possible
because as you once the value is matched, does it mean like the checkbox field name
if so then we can use FIND TEXT POSITION activity where pass the input string to searched and it will give us a output of type uielement
now use a ANCHOR BASE activity where inthe left side use FIND ELEMENT activity and pass the above uielement variable as input to ELEMENT property without selecting any element instead
then in the right side of anchor base activity use CLICK IMAGE activity where choose that check box alone as a image so that it will click for the found text and its element position

Cheers @deepak_raj

Iam having some values in a datatable i need to click the check box of the value in the form list. .Capture

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