Question on collect checkbox choice and tick

I have a questionaire and customer need to choose checkbox choices in a question. I want the RPA save checkbox choices and automatic tick the same checkbox choice in other website(same checkbox choice).


How can I save the choice ?
How can I set RPA to auto tick ?

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No worries
Use GET ATTRIBUTE ACTIVITY and choose the check box that we need to check and update the same in another page we want
—where in that activity get the attribute value of either aastate or disabled which will give us some value for a check box which is checked and which is not checked which we can check with two different check box and write the output of the get attribute activity in output panel by passing that output variable to writeline activity as input
—so once after getting that attribute value with Get Attribut activity we can use a if condition with expression like this before we update in another page
And if condition passes it will go to THEN part where we use a activity called CHECK activity which will click on the check box if it’s not enabled or leave it as it is if it’s enabled as per our property setting

For more details on this

Cheers @Emily_Yip

I am trying to use getattribute and get aastate. However it always return "enabled " even the checkbox is not tick.
Is something wrong for what I have set?



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Can I have a view in the selector of the get attribute activity a screenshot if possible
Cheers @Emily_Yip


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set the WAITFORREADY property as Complete in the get attribute activity property panel and try once pls
Cheers @Emily_Yip