Web App with a several option form with buttons

Hello everyone,

I have an application with multiple choice, with a radio button for each one and the list choice size might change. My question is, is there any way to detect from all list of choices which one the user checked the radio button and afterwards copy the information for that button (like selector information).

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Hi @tpernes

Please use Get Attribute activity.
Please see documentation below:

If you need assistance for this one, feel free to approach me.
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Hello Jan

Yes, I’m considering using that activity, my doubt is I’ve to create an activity for each element in my webform to check if the user select or there’s a way that I only use one activity and it detects, from all webform elements, which one the user selected?

The idea is to copy the selected option from the web form to another application.

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Hi @tpernes

I guess if you can direct me to some webpage with such arrangement of choices (like survey or forms) I can upload a sample file like a POC.

Do you have any URL for that?

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Hello @Raghavendraprasad

The application is a simple radio button form like - Tryit Editor v3.6, the difference between the link and the app I will use is that the app will have a Submit button. The idea is to find a way to identify the option selected and submitted by the user.

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Hey there @tpernes

I have a solution for you in the URL you have supplied for me.

Open the URL in Internet explorer and check any option (Male, Female or Others) and run the xaml to see the message box with the different options.

Hope this FILE (7.7 KB) helps you out.