We need an "update data table" activity

Unless I’m just missing it, I don’t see an activity that allows us to update values in a datatable.

  • in and out datatables
  • filter
  • column names and values to update to

I envision it working similar to Filter Data Table. You designate an “in” and an “out” datatable (which can be the same). You have a filter tab (just like in Filter Data Table) to designate which row(s) to update. Another tab would look the same but it would allow you to list the columns to update and the values to update them to.

FWIW, this page was very helpful and I was able to solve my use case with option 2.1

I saved this feedback in our internal tracker for future consideration.

But just to see if I understand it correctly. The use case is about being able to use a single activity selectively update a specific subset of rows in a DT, all while preserving all rows of that DT in general. Does that sound correct?

Correct, it would be designed to mimic the “update” statement in SQL.

I would have loved this activity a couple of days ago indeed.
Also solved it using a combination of loops and lookup datatable activities to target the rows to update.

Was too lazy to make it generic enough to put in a custom activity though.

See the link I posted above, it gives multiple good ways of updating a datatable, but they’re more complicated than an activity would be.