We have installed UiPath Remote runtime.exe in remote server. But still getting error “UiPath Remotr runtime.exe is not running in the remote session” while indicating element in citrix app

We’ve verified the task is running and setup in the task scheduler on the Citrix application server. We have uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times. We have checked the virtual channel allow list multiple times and the policy is disabled. The only thing that changed from when it was working originally to now is Citrix VDA was upgraded from LTSR 2203 to LTSR 2203 CU2 and we upgraded the version of the RemoteRuntime to match the version of studio we’re using.

Any suggestions on what to debug next would be very helpful?


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One thing you can check is the citrix certificate… if its placed or not


What type of certificate are you referring to?


please check


Hi @grady.stewart ,

UiPath remote run time component is certified by the citrix to inform the business that it is safe. there is no certificate needed for UiPath remote run time component.

is this UiPath remote run time was working earlier?

i understood that you already verified the task manager on the scheduler related to UiPath remote run time but could you double check the options related to the scheduler. the UiPath remote run time component should run when the bot is trying to access the remote machine.

Could you please double check the following content Task Scheduler(the UiPath remote runtime automatically create task scheduler in the remote VM but the same time double check the configuration)


and also make sure already installed citrix plugin/extension in your studio which is the robot we are trying to connect the remote VM.

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@kirankumar.mahanthi1 Yes, I have verified the trigger is set up for the when any user logins in. I also verify the presence of the task running on the server and the client which has the extension installed for Citrix.