We are back with another webinar on the latest UiPath Product Features for Code Gladiators 2020

Learn about Chaining headless processes and Developing Widgets for UiPath Assistant from UiPath Product experts Wiliam Bognar, Product Manager and Andrei Vasilescu, Front End Developer.

This free webinar will cover 2 latest UiPath features. It will have two separate sessions hosted by UiPath experts.

Join this webinar on 2020-05-20T11:30:00Z

Attend this webinar to learn about:

Chaining headless processes with processes that require a GUI

  • How automations are run by Orchestrator
  • The difference between unattended and unattended processes
  • What are headless processes
  • What are GUI processes
  • How processes might be chained

Developing Widgets For UiPath Assistant

  • To develop widgets for the Assistant, minimal knowledge of web development and Angular is required.
  • Although Angular is recommended, other frameworks can also be used.
  • The starter project for developing widgets is https://github.com/UiPath/assistant-plugin-creator @uipath/widget.sdk the npm package used for communication between the Assistant and widgets. The package also includes reusable components used by the other widgets.
  • README.md (in the starter project) is a great summary of the topics covered in this webinar.

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