Workflow Analyzer rules and How to create Activities: The Easy way - Code Gladiators 2020 UiPath RPA Hackathon

Do you want to learn “How to Build new Workflow Analyzer rules” and “How to create Activities: The Easy way”?

The wait is finally over.

The recording of the webinar is now available on our UiPath YouTube channel

Join this free webinar on 2020-05-14T11:30:00Z

This free webinar will cover 2 latest UiPath features in detail. It will have two separate sessions hosted by UiPath experts:

Attend this webinar to learn:

UiPath Studio: How to Build new Workflow Analyzer rules

  1. What is UiPath Studio and automations
  2. What is Workflow Analyzer
  3. What rules exist out of the box.
  4. How can you build a custom rule

How to Create Activities The Easy Way

  1. Introduce the new, wizard-based Activity Creator extension for Visual Studio
  2. Build a simple activity in 5 minutes (i.e. an addition activity)
  3. Discuss the structure of an activity package at a high level

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I’m unable to sign up for the webinar. I click reserve a seat and get a not authorized message.

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Stop spamming me





A post was split to a new topic: I use the code New random().Next(2,5) and I wanted to use the result of this code to delay activity so It shows the error as cannot convert String to Timespan


I am unable to book a seat for this webinar.

Can you please assist?

Thank you.




Hi @dino.koay

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Could you let us know what is the issue you are encountering?


Hyper link error.
This is the link.

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Strange! Seems to be working on my end.

Could you try on a different network / device? (good test is always on a mobile phone).


Hi Macie,

I can’t register to attend the webinar for “How to Build new Workflow Analyzer rules” and “How to create Activities: The Easy way”?

I have no issue registering other webinar from UiPath except for this. Can you help?

The attached is the email I received and tried clicking to register. After clicking ‘Book Your Seat’ , I have the below error message.





Here is the link


here is the link. pls try now


I have booked the seat, but how to join the webinar ? Any joining link ?



I believe all should be available on the event page. After registration, you are welcomed with this message:

I believe the button to join will in the place of the registration button, here:

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I have this link already. The problem is when I tried clicking the link and have the below error message. I have already attached the screenshot previously and you sent me the link again. It has been 3 emails and you don’t seem to get what is the errors despite email attachments and screenshots.

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When i click on the click on the link. It takes to the below landing page

. Just click on book your seat and you are registered.

Here is the link

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I also got into this page. No problem with this. But only got problem when I click book your seat.

Again, I have already informed that I have problem after clicking book you seat. Until right now, you still have not got where is my issue.

Don’t bother replying as it is too much hassle and a lot of time wasted just writing numerous emails and you still don’t get what is the issue.

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when i click on book your seat. i get this. YOu need to key in your details and then u r ready to register. Pls let me know if you see this page

@loginerror - Hi - I can see the screenshot that you have added in the previous comment. I can see the same thing after click also. Will i be getting the new button (Start Watching) before 30 mins of scheduled time ?

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Yes, I think so.

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Ok then - Let’s see. I will try before 30 minutes.