Watermark Word document

Hi Team

I am trying to add watermark to word document in UiPath. Is there any activity or package I can use. I have installed word activities package but did not find anything there.
I don’t want to open word document every time and then add watermark.
Please help!



Welcome back to UiPath forum

I think there is no direct package or custom component to include a watermark in WORD Doc and ofcourse we have for pdf file

So as a work around I hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. IN Studio install UiPath.Word package

  2. Pass the file path as input and inside that use a activity called Save docment as pdf
    Save Document as PDF

  3. Now we can use install another custom component from UiPath market place
    Novigo Solutions - Add Text Watermark to PDF - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

This will include watermark in pdf files

  1. Either we can have the output file as in pdf format itself
    If we want to get back with word format then
    again we can use a custom component to change pdf file to word doc

Cheers @Rashi_Anand