How to add watermark to word automatically to word file using uipath

Hey hi, forum,
I had been trying to add a watermark from uipath to a word document.
is there any simple(Inbuild) activities for it.
thank you


Hello @Gowtham_Srinivasan ,

Did you had the chance to install the Word packages?

UiPath and Balareva packages, it might have what you want.


hi @wasea
Thanks for your reply
I got installed my word package.
will check with the other one and get back soon.


Hi @wasea
i ha installed both the packages
but where can i find the watermark thing their.
or should i use that macro function to do the task
if it so wont it be a big task.

Hi @Gowtham_Srinivasan !
What is your Word version ?

@Hiba_B the 2019 verson

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