PDF Creation

Hi ,

I do have a text file, now i need to convert this to PDF,
The issue is in text there is no logo,

However pdf file which i need to create has many logos and images. Is it any way i can do this through uipath

@Manikandasamy Can you convert a Word File to PDF using the MIcrosoft Word Application?

Yes it is possible, i guess its possible through UIPATH aswell

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@Manikandasamy There are UiPath.Word Activities available where you can add pictures and the text you need. Can you try it out and check if it can put all the data you need into one Word File. Then you can perform certain UI operations as how you can do manually to convert a Word to PDF. Iā€™m sure there might be another way in the background, but it would take me some time to make a proper research and come with a solution :sweat_smile: although there might be others here who would have already worked on it.

Can you try using Word Activities and try to perform the Conversion using UI actions and check if it is feasible for you?

which activity needs to be used to convert text to pdf in uipath