Wants to create a Queue without manual

Hi Everyone, when we performs the Dispatcher and Performer Scenario in UiPath, we had to create Queues, is there any thing or coding that we can create Queue in Orchestrator without manual efforts.

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If you’re using REFramework You can use Performer and dispatcher to access the queue.

how to create queue in orchestrator?

Have a view on this docs for more information: Managing Queues in Orchestrator.

Performer Dispatcher: Robotic Enterprise Framework - Dispatcher/Performer


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Hi @Shubham4323

There is no direct way to create a queue by not going to orchestrator.

But still if you dont wish to create manually You can automate the process by uipath studio ( same manual steps)

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Thanks Buddy @THIRU_NANI for your Response, but actually me finding to create queue without user action on Orchestrator.

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you can use orchestrator API s to achieve the same .The end point URL for the POST http request and body to be passed is available in URL


Please check and update if it worked as expected

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Thanks @Lak_Ui

can anyone help me towards this JSONPayload that says it should be in String
“{itemData: {Name: ‘Queue’,Priority: Normal,SpecificContent: {Type: ‘Customer’,Name@odata.type: ‘#String’,Name: ‘Queue’}}”

Thanks in Advance.

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