Queue not creating automatically in orchestrator after running dispatcher

In UIPath assignment 2 “Generate Yearly Reports” after running dispatcher section, queue value is not getting created automatically in Orchestrator. I have added the config file as per the documentation. Below is the value.

QueueName InHouse_Process4

Any suggestion let me know.

Check properly by going to view transactions of your queue InHouse_Process4…

Should I create this Queue manually? I thought it will be created automatically as per the document.

The problem is I dont find the Queue being created in Orchestrator

You should create the queue manually in the orchestrator. :sweat_smile:

Hello! Should work after you create the queue. :slight_smile:

For further help, it might be more visible toward those in Academy if you post the thread in this Forum category: https://forum.uipath.com/c/learn/academy/31

pls create queue ‘InHouse_Process4’ manually in Orchestrator.