When & How to use Find Children activity



Can anyone tell me where to use Find Children . I m unable to use Find Children. Need to Understand the concepts.

How to select each line button and click

hi @Amarjeet

Please see this link:


How can i get attributes using find children?

Thanks for sharing … In the Demo workflow … scope is taken as FIND_DESCENDANTS.
there are four more options available like FIND_CHILDREN,FIND_PROCESS,FIND_TOP-LEVEL,FIND_THREAD.
can you explain me this all this and where to use this.


Hi @amarjeet_kumar

This enum values are explained in the old documentation on github:

Note that some of the documentations there might be out of date, but this one is still relevant.



That link seems to be dead.
Can anyone provide a new link, please?

Thank you,


hey @syn

Which link?

yeah that is no longer available.



Hi Akshay,

I want to understand about find children activity, can you please help me how to select my table using selectors and what selectors should i give in the filter property?


Follow this link, there you have sample file as well to check