Want to change major!

So I need your help to change my major from accounting to RPA! I was asked by my parents to finish this year, and only after that, I will be able to take the decision. I want to cheat on my accounting exams because in my free time I’ll learn RPA.

Yes, you are right!

The Internet will help you a lot.

My advice is to stay in accounting, then learn RPA on your own. An RPA developer with an accounting background is extremely rare (I’m also a CPA + RPA developer), so you’d be more valuable with both backgrounds.

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Yeah I don’t see RPA as a college degree type thing. I would take some programming classes as a foundation to be able to learn RPA on your own, along with the accounting degree.

Hi @Andromenda,

I second what @Greg_Jacobson and @postwick said.

When you connect the dots in some years you will be thankful that you persisted with your accounting degree. Robots are great but domain knowledge is not something a robot will not be good at. One can use all the intelligent automations possible but without a domain expert troubleshooting or preparing specifications is not easy.

So do the boring thing now so that you can do the great things later. Do not get trapped in the hype of RPA. Be patient, the grass always looks greener on the other side :slight_smile:

Thanks for useful information! I also realized in my second year at the university that I had chosen the wrong profession.