Want to add Serial no in excel as no of row got increases in datatable

Total I have 8 column in excel I am table data from extraction and one by one putting in excel sheet col one is serial no so only serial no is left I want to add serial no as loop run or can say as no of row got increases serial no automatically increased so want to add serial no in excel.

Hi @Parul_Yadav

Create a counter variable and initialize it with 1 before the loop

and in the loop last step use counter=counter+1 to increment and use that counter as the serial number(or youc an as well use the index property in for loop as the counter and it starts from zero so add one)

or in build datatable use this property

but note generally it starts from zero


Thank you Working fine now .
I want to merge and center the Rows for which value is same after adding rows in excel what can I Do?


You dont have direct activity you can try this


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